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132 Games

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Pic. Game Publisher Year Published Game Details Rules
Mad Gab Patch Products Inc. 1995
Mad Magazine Parker Brothers 1979
Madame Planchette (Horoscope Game) Selchow & Righter 1967
Madeline and the Gypsies Ravensburger 1999
Maestria Martinez-Vachon 1991
Magic 4 Discovery Toys 1985
Magic Cane Mertrex ????
Magical Maze University Games ????
Magical Moments University Games 1991
Major League Baseball Bates Games Inc. 1987
Make-Out Game,The Maturaty Corporation 1984
Malarky Patch Products 1999
Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Ideal Toy Corp. 1965
Mancala Pierre Belvedere ????
Mandala Playtoy Industries 1985
Manhunt Milton Bradley 1972
Maniac Electronic Game Ideal Toy Corporation 1979
Mansion & Money Masco Corporation 1991
Marathon Schaar 1991
Marathon Tega ????

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